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New year, new movies

Cinematic advances coming to a theater near you

By Natalie Lile

The new year is filled with new year’s resolutions, diets, and lots of new action bubbling up in the entertainment industry. The broad range of films are sure to capture the interests of many.

Instead of talking about horoscopes and how a scorpio can make the most of their new year, many exciting (and really not so exciting) movies are making an appearance in theaters throughout the year. Although no movie has yet to compare to the vigorous hype that Star Wars created, students are still excited to go to theaters.

Marvel’s Deadpool is dominating TV commercials as well as conversations. This seemingly hilarious and action-packed movie, starring lead actor Ryan Reynolds, is premiering Valentine’s Day.

Deadpool is a perfect date for all the super-hero enthusiasts and Single-Awareness celebrators alike. The film is aimed for everyone to fully understand it, even the ones who didn’t know Deadpool was a part of Marvel.

“Our challenge with the studio was putting enough in there for the uninitiated,” said Reynolds to Maxim Magazine. “We had to really find that balance, but the movie is strictly aimed at our core Deadpool audience, which is why it’s rated R.”

Marvel is releasing even more movies, but one in particular is sparking up some commotion. Captain America: Civil War is the upcoming third movie in the series and it contains many secrets. Rumor is that, to set off spoilers, three death scenes have been filmed for the movie, yet only one will make it to cinemas. It is set to release 6 May.

In addition to these action-filled movies, some family favorites are making more appearances by some rebooting childhood classics. These include notable films such as Finding Dory, coming out 17 June, and Zootopia, coming out 4 Mar.

Zootopia is about an enthusiastic bunny named Judy who teams up with a jaded fox named Nick to solve a case for her police force. The film experienced a dilemma last year when director Byron Howard noticed how Nick, the sarcastic con-man, was the main character. This film direction made the whole film focus on his down-on-life attitude instead of a more positive message.

We asked ‘What are we saying with the movie?’ If we’re telling this movie about bias—something that is everywhere and in all of us, whether we want to admit it or not—the character that’s going to help us tell that message is Judy, an innocent, [who comes] from a very supportive environment where she thinks everyone is beautiful, everyone gets along,” said Howard in an interview for Gizmodo.com.

Along with family friendly movies, other more comedic movies are making people antsy, such as sequels like Zoolander 2. A parody of 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades of Black, is just presenting itself in media outlets where it pokes fun at the erotic romance novel. This parody stars Marlon Wayans, who also played in the comedies White Chicks (2004) and Scary Movie (2000).

Several horror movies are coming out this year, including Purge 3, Cabin Fever, Ouija 2, and Underworld 5.

Purge 3 is taking on a twist from its usual storyline, shocking Purge fans. The two previous films were about what families do during the Purge nights. It was due to release in 2015 but got set back. After many rumors about what the trilogy had in store, it was revealed that Purge 3 will focus around a character played by actor Frank Grillo vs the Purge system.

“You get to see where he came from, his origin, how this has affected him, and what he does to make some changes about it,” said Grillo in an article on Collider.com. “He was involved in law enforcement at a high level, and he gets involved with somebody else who’s also politically charged, and they go after the system. It’s really interesting.”
Remember to stock up your panic rooms and lock your doors on 1 July when Purge 3 is released.

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