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New hopes die hard

Star Wars Episode VII feels a little familiar

By C.J. Crowder

A plethora of crazy lightsaber memes have been generated by the hype train.

The most hyped movie of the 21st century and also the highest grossing event in quite a long time created controversy between fans of various caliber. The arguments and debates that surround the movie seem to only polarize the situation further.

RAHS junior Aileen Nguyen is one of the rare folk that has passive, nonjudgmental viewpoints toward the Star Wars franchise.

“My parents watched it when I was a kid, but I just never really found it interesting,” said Nguyen. “I was never really integrated into the Star Wars fandom.”

The excitement surrounding the new movie has generated some interest for Nguyen, but she still feels like it would be too hard to get into.

“It made me curious to know what’s so good about it,” said Nguyen, “but I never had the time or interest to watch it because there’s so many episodes.”

RAHS sophomore Langston Wisen has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember. He supports the series no matter the highs or lows in production quality.

“My dad was the one who encouraged me to get into Star Wars, he had a bunch of toys from the 80’s,” said Wisen.

Wisen was a full participant in the strangling, overwhelming hype surrounding the new installment, and thinks it is fully justifiable due to the legacy of the series.

“All the hype was understandable because it is a new Star Wars movie, and everyone was like ‘yay, new Star Wars,’” said Wisen.

Some striking similarities between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode VII were definitely present and prominent.

“Making the new Death Star was kind of silly,” said Wisen. “It is similar to A New Hope, but was that movie bad? No, it does share some points, but it was different enough and was still a great movie.”

Despite near cult-like devotion to the franchise, even hardcore fans found some flaws with the recent installment that held the movie back a little.

“I think it lived up to the hype, but it did have some flaws,” said Wisen, “like a lack of diversity in spaceships, you really see three, and they don’t really make up new spaceships, they just took the old ones and modified them.”

Episode VII won’t have to stand alone; two more movies are planned for this trilogy, creating a trilogy of trilogies in the Star Wars saga. Whether they will achieve success with the same formula used in past films.

“It’s exciting to see where things will go,” said Wisen. “This franchise will continue to be successful.”

The continuation of the series also brings worries to those invested in the franchise. The momentum the series has could slow down or turn negative.

“Although unlikely, the movies could take a turn for the worse,” said Wisen. “I highly doubt it though, the producers are too smart and the franchise is too popular for it to fail.”

Too big to fail might carry some truth. The Force Awakens grossed a worldwide total of $1.871 billion, making it the third highest-grossing film of all time.

“The success is more than deserved,” said Wisen, “it is the best movie of the 21st century.”

Even if the stigma surrounding the franchise and the shear legacy of the Star Wars franchise clouds the judgement of critics and fans, it will continue to make money. When Disney acquired the title it was a basically guaranteed gold mine for the company.

The future of the series, although shrouded in mystery, has one guarantee: there will continue to be a strong and plentiful fan base to swoon over the series.

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