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Pirouetting into a new year

While maintaining good grades, working as a hostess, and finding time to spend with friends and family, senior Veronica Soran also manages to keep her dancing intact. Her mom’s infatuation for ballet is what got Soran engaged with dance at [...]

Viaduct’s rise to stardom

The scene: Guitarist and vocalist Zach Watson hammers away at the strings, voice straining and veins popping as he sings lyrics familiar only to him, the bassist, and the drummer. Beside him stands the mellow bassist, Sevawn Guenther, head [...]

Davie Anne Ross appointed ASB Art Director

Davie Anne Ross, RAHS ASB Art Director, has began the year prepared to take on not only incumbent responsibilities, such as making posters and decorating dances, but also new responsibilities, like creating new designs for RAHS merchandise. As [...]

K-Pop enables students to express themselves

K-Pop has influenced RAHS students as a way for them to come together and interact with one another through a mutual interest. Senior Francesca Gaerlan believes that K-Pop brought her to meet new people and  experiences fun activities such [...]

Student stars shine on stage

From 9 Sept. to 24 Sept., RAHS students performed in the Hi-Liners Musical Theatre adaptation of The Little Mermaid at the Performing Arts Center in Burien. Laboring extensively over the summer, students such as RAHS sophomore Wren Bergin finally [...]

Lion Dance emerges at RAHS

Started by David Nguyen, Lion Dance Club is a new addition to the clubs at RAHS that takes place after school. This unique club offers credit opportunities for students and diversifies the culture at RAHS. Junior David Nguyen is passionate [...]

Summer concerts come around

As summer draws near, many students are preparing for their vacations and relaxing during the warm weather. Some students like Josh Buenbrazo are going to venture out during concert season. Many concerts and festivals are spread throughout the [...]

Students show off their talents at NHS’ annual talent show

On 26 May, twenty-one students from RAHS displayed their talents at the annual talent show hosted by the National Honor Society.   The winner of this year’s talent show was sophomore Felix Bosques, who performed an original composition [...]

George Sidles explores metalworking

Sophomore George Sidles is known for the metalwork he does on his home island of Bainbridge. After starting about 3 years ago, he has been interested in the craft ever since.   “In seventh and eighth grade I attended a couple intro to [...]

Satterlee incites mockumentary mayhem

Ambitious actor and RAHS sophomore Samuel Satterlee has been working on a film mostly involving students in the school. He has been collaborating with other students to find what comedy fits him and his future videos.   “I’ve always [...]

“Spirit” hits rock bottom

Students at RAHS find the spirit rock, donated by the class of 2015, uninspiring and many never even see it.   “Personally, I feel that the spirit rock is a little underwhelming,” said junior Henry Crockett. “I feel that the current [...]
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