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RAHS junior starts reporting company, Aviation Northwest

Founder Jake Welty hopes to expand size, reputation of company

By Harrison Korin

Jake Welty, the CEO of Aviation Northwest, hopes to expand his company and its reputation.

Jake Welty, the CEO of Aviation Northwest, hopes to expand his company and its reputation.

RAHS junior Jake Welty has started his own company, Aviation Northwest (ANW), which specializes in reporting on aviation news.


“Aviation Northwest started back in January 2015,” said Welty, “with a few revamps and restructuring of the company, I officially restarted ANW [after a few setbacks] back in January of 2017.”


Welty has always had a strong passion for aviation, and he wanted to be able to share that passion with others and get ahead in his aviation career.


“I’ve always been inspired by business and aviation as well as having a strong passion for aviation photography,” said Welty, “so I just put it all together.”


Welty hopes to expand his company by hiring more people and moving towards a global level.


“Right now ANW has 51 employees, with a wide variety of jobs ranging from product designers to executive positions to news schedulers. We also have about 100 other people interested in joining ANW as well, those employees are on a global scale as well,” said Welty. “Being on a global scale allows us to be operating on full cylinders 24/7.


ANW is also hoping to be a profiting organization sometime in the future and be able to pay its employees and provide credible aviation recommendations.


“Right now we are a non-profit [organization] but hopefully in April we will be selling our products then paying our employees,” said Welty. “But we are recognized by more than 30 airports around the world so our recommendation will hopefully carry some weight.”


Welty has some large plans for ANW for the amount of employees he has and his access to airports and other opportunities.


“Where I want ANW to go is to be a leader in aviation media and news world. Right now we are on a website and several social media bases, and will be launching a magazine soon. To compete with the top forerunners currently we still need more development,” said Welty. “But hopefully in the next few years you will see our name up there as well.”


Junior Zach Newton is also passionate about aviation and is curious about what Welty has started with ANW and how it could affect others in the future.


“I think it is very cool he is doing something like this,” said Newton, “because it is his passion, and doing something that he loves is very inspiring not only to himself but also to the other students in the school and it will hopefully inspire them to do what they love.”


Welty also hopes that his actions will positively affect all those around him at school and in life.
“I really hope my endeavors of launching ANW inspire other students to do something similar,” said Welty. “To explore their passions and not just keep high school for schoolwork but also take advantage of its various opportunities.”

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