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Taking Off

  The new campus brings new questions on what will be done to get Aviation High School students more involved in aviation on a daily basis.   At Aviation High School’s current campus, students rely on the programs that Julie Burr, the internship [...]

Boeing finds new testbed at AHS

After much speculation between The Boeing Company and Aviation High School, Boeing finally announced they are going to start offering students some amazing opportunities to be involved in the aerospace industry.   Many people may wonder why [...]

Future location will boost AHS professional outreach

Aviation High School’s new campus next to Boeing Field will allow for improved interaction between students and local businesses in the form of internships and mentor connections. Boeing Field, officially called King County International Airport, will be large resource for AHS students to use. The airport is a major industrial hub with more than 150 businesses in the immediate area. “The airport contains both fixed wing and helicopter flight school[s], the Boeing Company’s test flight division, military division, delivery center for new aircraft, engineering companies, corporate aviation and charter companies, aircraft repair, aircraft sales, etc.” said Leslie Barstow, the Public/Community Relations Manager for the airport and Vice-Chair on the AHS Mentor Advisory Board. “The range of businesses located near the school is vast!” Having many aviation-related businesses in the local area means that the numbers of opportunities, especially internships and mentoring, will increase. “It’s just going to be so much easier to get to know folks and potential internship sites down there,” said Julie Burr, the Program Manager for AHS Department of Career Readiness. “I think that the opportunities will really skyrocket. As employers come see the new school, come check us out, and hear that their neighbor businesses have interns, I think we’ll have a lot more opportunities.” Opportunities that will increase as AHS’s reputation grows in the aviation world. “Over 10,000 people work at King County International Airport/Boeing Field every day; approximately 5,000 at the Boeing Company, and approximately 5,000 at the airport’s other 150 or so businesses,” said Barstow. “It is very exciting to have AHS’s location in close proximity to those 10,000 aviation professionals.” Word of mouth is one of the main ways the internship and mentoring programs grow. “If one business, let’s say an engineering firm, learns that another similar firm is offering internships or mentoring,” explained Burr, “then they feel like, ‘oh, well that gives credibility to [the AHS program]. I want to do it too.’” Mike Borfitz, a Certification Manager at Aviation Partners Boeing, a company located just across the Duwamish River from Boeing Field, became one of AHS’s first mentors when he felt a desire to give back to aviation and the community. “For a company, it’s partially that and partially the notion of being strategic—the idea of encouraging students in aviation,” said Borfitz. “When [interns] go off to college, they are more likely to come back and work in the local area with a greater understanding of what the industry and the specific businesses are all about… It’s really about making the Aviation High School students a part of the community.” Currently, the community’s mindfulness of AHS is high. However, it may still take time for outsiders to fully appreciate the school. “On a scale of one to ten,” said Borfitz, “… [awareness of AHS] is probably in the neighborhood of about an 8. And there are different levels of knowing about Aviation High School: one level is just knowing you folks exist. The other level is just understanding how dynamic and great the school really is, and the other has to do with the way you students can come contribute to the company.” Not only will the proximity to Boeing Field create new opportunities, but it will also strengthen current mentor relationships through direct interface. “Students could walk to the Boeing Company; students can walk to Raisbeck, for example,” said Borfitz. “The students and the industry are just much more mutually accessible.” As AHS aims to be integrated with the Museum of Flight and the airport, there is a question whether any issues may arise, especially since having a high school in the midst of a major industrial hub will be a change for both students and the surrounding area. Fortunately, this is not believed to be the case. “I anticipate only positive effects for both the business community and the students,” said Barstow. “In general, the simple proximity allows students more opportunity to form relationships with business owners and opportunities to increase their skills (such as learning to fly, etc.) and perhaps obtain a job.” With the opening of the new building expected in August 2013, neighboring aviation professionals are ready to receive Aviation High School. “The students are part of our community,” said Borfitz. “You’re us, end of story.” Share [...]

Students scramble to finish plane

  AHS sophomores Emilio Anselmo and Sean Wong are the most recent volunteers to work on Aviation High School’s eight-year-old student-built airplane project. The students are racing to complete the plane before the school’s move to [...]

Problems devastate 787 sales

  In recent weeks, the revolutionary Boeing 787 has had a string of problems relating to the electric system that powers a large percent of the aircraft’s power.  With about 890 firm orders and 50 deliveries of the groundbreaking aircraft, [...]

Young Pilots Proceed on Course

  From flying traffic helicopters to next generation airliners, Aviation High School has a diverse community of interests and ideas.To much of the AHS student body, the answer would be the same. Most aspiring pilots at AHS want to be airline [...]

Where’s my co-pilot?

Students interested in pursuing airline careers are in the perfect position as the predicted pilot shortage comes into effect this year. The career is becoming more accessible in response to the predicted dilemma. An education at Aviation High [...]

Spuds spark wireless research

Engineers at Boeing filled an airplane with 20,000 pounds of potatoes to prove a new testing process used to improve wifi connections on their airplanes. Boeing needed to prove their new wifi testing process worked the same with and without [...]

Gliding to record heights

A new upper-atmosphere project sets records: The Perlan Project, currently based in Argentina, is a group of scientists and explorers who have set out to explore the upper atmosphere with the use of a glider. The project consists of three [...]

Boeing union fired up about contract proposal

Contract negotiations continue to be tense between Boeing and its engineering union, the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA). Boeing staff describes the proposed contract as leading the employer market for pay [...]

American Airlines loses union dispute

On October 3rd, American Airlines lost a legal battle to the Communication Workers of America (CWA) in New Orleans, reversing an earlier ruling that prevented passenger service agents from unionizing. “They will have the opportunity to vote [...]