02252018 Headline:

Gliding to record heights

A new upper-atmosphere project sets records: The Perlan Project, currently based in Argentina, is a group of scientists and explorers who have set out to explore the upper atmosphere with the use of a glider. The project consists of three [...]

Boeing union fired up about contract proposal

Contract negotiations continue to be tense between Boeing and its engineering union, the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA). Boeing staff describes the proposed contract as leading the employer market for pay [...]

American Airlines loses union dispute

On October 3rd, American Airlines lost a legal battle to the Communication Workers of America (CWA) in New Orleans, reversing an earlier ruling that prevented passenger service agents from unionizing. “They will have the opportunity to vote [...]

Museum of Flight Lands B-29 Bomber

Sitting on the Southeast parking ramp of Boeing Field, a gigantic airplane in a bright white protective sheet awaits restoration by the Museum of Flight team. The airplane is an antique Boeing B-29 bomber that flew 37 missions in World War Two [...]

Corporate Marriage (on the) Rocks?

Despite the $138 million loss in revenue for the fourth quarter, the newly merged United Airlines is on the way to increased profits. This loss is up from a $325 million loss in the fourth quarter of last year. Although it is still a significant [...]

Pricing Regulation Troubles

A new regulation passed by the Federal Aviation Administration forces all airlines to be more upfront about what a ticket will actually cost. People that fly regularly are used to the ticket buying process of looking through prices, picking [...]

Boeing Plant in Wichita Closing

Boeing announced on January 4th that their defense plant in Wichita, Kansas will close by the end of 2013. The move came in preparation for a tightened defense budget. President Obama and Congress have decided to cut defense spending in response [...]

Free to Fly

In 2006, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X had a complete makeover, and now, Microsoft Flight is ready to revolutionise the market once again. This PC-only game will allow players to free roam around Hawaii in an airplane dubbed the ICON A5. [...]

Slimming Seattle’s Airspace

In the most recent update of the National Airspace System, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has substantially reduced the size of the heavily-regulated Class Bravo Airspace that radiated 30 nautical miles surrounding Sea-Tac Airport. Class [...]

Quantum Levitation

At Tel Aviv University in Israel, researchers have created a superconductor that levitates a puck, due to the phenomenon known as quantum levitation. This discovery has broad implications that may revolutionize the transportation industry within [...]

Jet Pack Market Gains Interest

Jet packs have been dreamed of since before the birth of flight, and up until now have been completely impractical. With the revolutionary flight of the Martin Jet pack, the idea of personal jet pack flight is becoming a reality. “This successful [...]
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