04042020 Headline:

Student pilots spread their wings with new opportunity

For students that are interested in becoming pilots at RAHS, Austin Turnidge, a RAHS senior, is creating an opportunity through the school for student pilots to fly solo more affordably, all in his Cessna 172.   In the journey of earning [...]

Exercises so you don’t feel the burn

Emergency crash and fire response drills were recently staged across the street at Boeing Field (BFI) / King County International Airport (KCIA). These drills were organized by King County to practice emergency scenarios that could potentially [...]

Avid Flyer soars in the school

After working on the Avid Flyer for nine years, the student-built kit aircraft is finally finished, and will now be hung on the third floor.   The project was started by Nicole Wright and Dawn Keehnel in hope that it could fly one day. [...]

Landing at the Arlington Fly-In

By Moritz Wienke The third largest Fly-In returns again in the backyard of Washington residents. Since 1969, the Arlington Fly-In has been the go-to place for many of Washington’s aviation enthusiasts. What was once simply a one day Fly-In [...]

How Phoenixes will dream, discover, soar

Now that Raisbeck Aviation High School is its new location, students and teachers have more opportunities to visit The Museum of Flight to supplement their education.   According to Bruce Kelly, the Assistant Principal and chief operating [...]

New campus lands with a new curriculum

  At Raisbeck Aviation High School’s new location, STEM and aviation classes will greatly change. Many classes are already in the early stages of their plans to use the Museum of Flight and other resources.   RAHS has always been [...]

A Lockheed legend lands

On Sept. 21, after a year of hard work and fundraising, one of the last Electras in the world arrived at the museum of flight to inspire courage in future female aviators.   At 1:45 pm, with perfect weather, the Electra landed after its [...]

Stinson Model O arrives in Seattle

On October 12, The Museum of Flight received the last Stinson Model O in the world.  As an aircraft developed for use in a civil war or uprising, the Model O was the perfect aircraft for dictatorships around the world.   The Model O was [...]

No Gas, No Emissions, Just Electricity

An aviation company from Switzerland, Solvay, is changing the way people think about aviation by creating a plane completely powered by electricity. This plane is called Solar Impulse, and has taken many years and millions of dollars to research [...]

FAA waives temporary layoffs

  On April 26 2013, the United States government finally announced that they are going to end FAA temporary layoffs, called furloughs, allowing control towers to stay open. The general aviation industry will be much safer due to their [...]

Watch out for that plane!

With the rise of air traffic, airports in the United States are some of the busiest in the world and therefore cause for many incidents such as runway incursions.   Runway incursions are incidents within the airport environment between [...]