04042020 Headline:

New aviation camp flies students to North Dakota

The University of North Dakota (UND) has sponsored five RAHS students to attend their aviation camp in July.It is the first time UND has offered the International Aerospace Camp to RAHS students, which continues to diversify the list of aviation [...]

Blue Angels to soar over Seattle skies

The United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, will be returning to Seattle for this year’s Boeing Air Show on August 2-3.   The Blue Angels will fly 68 performances at 35 locations in 2014, including two shows [...]

New and improved rocket fuel tank gets a lift from Super Guppy

Boeing’s newest venture in space flight has led them to create a next generation fuel tank design to contain rocket fuel and employ a lighter-weight design.   In late March, NASA’s Super Guppy visited Seattle to transport Boeing’s [...]

702SP Satellite paves the way for future space flight

With technology advancing in the world of space travel, many companies have come up with new and innovating ideas for the future. Boeing has contributed to this curve by creating the worlds first ever fully electric satellite.   The 702SP [...]

Learning about a legend

Thanks to the generosity of James Raisbeck, three students and myself, Austin Spores, from  RAHS’ Airline Career Experience (ACE) Club had the opportunity to attend a tribute dinner to aviation legend Bob Hoover.   Seniors Abby Jarve, Ellen [...]

Boeing’s new 777X flies off the shelf

Boeing has just started high speed wind tunnel testing the new 777X, the same plane that generated over 95 billion dollars in sales at the Dubai Airshow.   Emirates Airlines was responsible for 76 of the 95 billion dollars in sales. This [...]

Phoenixes explore the Mustang

On Feb. 8, senior Austin Spores and junior Zak Nyberg participated in the P-51 Ground School and Formation Clinic at the Historic Flight Foundation (HFF) in Everett.   Twenty-two students attended the ground school, including four pilots [...]

Reviving the World Cruiser

The director of the Seattle World Cruiser association, Bob Dempster, has taken on building a replica of a Douglas World Cruiser and plans to fly it around the world.   The Douglas World Cruiser is the type of aircraft that flew a famous [...]

New club shoots for the stars

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Club is in its first year at RAHS and is starting what will become a huge step in offering more opportunities to the aerospace and engineering community at RAHS.   “I came [...]

The Boeing conundrum

Despite the major controversy in recent news over this issue, the machinists approved Boeing’s second proposal for work on the 777X.  On January 3 2013, the vote passed by a slim 51%.   Although the vote was passed, and the future of [...]

Plans, planes, and parking

Raisbeck Aviation High School’s parking situation may change as the Museum of Flight grows. The expansion plan of the museum calls for using the empty space adjacent to the high school for a new building.   “The long-term vision for [...]