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Museum unveils restored B-25J Mitchell to the public

On April 9th, the Flying Heritage Collection hosted the Meet the Mitchell Event, in which participants could climb into a restored B-25 Mitchell. Attendees were allowed in the tail section, the bomb bay, and the cockpit of the B-25. The Flying [...]

Cold War Test Aircraft Restored

The Museum of Flight revealed a newly restored XF8U-1 Crusader that was subjected to a 30-year restoration effort that is nearing its completion. The prototype for the aircraft that would be dubbed by the military and enthusiasts “The [...]

B-29 “Doc” is delivered again

The hangar doors open as a beautiful, sleek aircraft comes into view. Four metallic engines are revealed and the iconic glass of a the B-29 can be seen as another national treasure re-enters the world. In 1987, a man by the name of Tony [...]

Soaring Expo 2015 to be held at Museum of Flight

  The Soaring Expo 2015 will include insights and artifacts of the gliding community in the Northwest on Saturday, March 14. The gliding community in Washington is mainly represented by its larger organizations, such as Evergreen Soaring and [...]

Passions ignite over FTC

At Raisbeck Aviation High School, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), a completely separate competition from FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), is used as the junior varsity team for the more prestigious FRC team. FTC was originally created by FIRST [...]

SeaTac sets sights on the future of passenger needs

By 2020, the passenger flow both in and out of SeaTac is expected to nearly double that of 2014. To adapt to this rapid increase, the Port of Seattle, in correspondence with Alaska Airlines, has come up with a series of plans to expand. SeaTac [...]

Lockheed Martin announces Mach six aircraft

  The SR-71 Blackbird was a remarkably advanced airplane for the 1960s, as the Blackbird could fly up to Mach three at 85,000 feet. This made it impossible for enemies to shoot down the aircraft with air to air missiles. Lockheed Martin has [...]

SpaceX explores new frontiers in Pacific NW

SpaceX is a private space company headed by Tesla founder Elon Musk. They have operations spanning across several states, time zones, and industries, and are now expanding to Seattle. Elon Musk stated at the announcement event, SpaceX Seattle, [...]

Third Dreamliner becomes first to be given to a museum

The Museum of Flight was given the honor to be the first museum with a 787 as part of their collection. A 787 by the name “Number 3”  landed at Boeing Field for the last time on November 8. This particular 787, with the call number ZA003, [...]

MoF sets sights on expansion

The Museum of Flight plans for a renovation of the Airpark to house several commercial airplanes by 2017. They feature a large collection of planes, including the first jet-powered Air Force One, the Concorde, and now a 787 Dreamliner. The [...]

Delta-V Spacefest blasts off for the first time

Multiple aerospace companies from around the world showcased their efforts in the three-day event that took place on Nov. 20 to the 22 at The Museum of Flight. During this event, many organizations, including SpaceX and Planetary Resources [...]
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