06052020 Headline:

737 MAX readies for lift off

  The world’s most-produced single-aisle jet aircraft, the 737, is set to make remarkable technological advances. Boeing is at it again, with the latest model of the aircraft, the 737 MAX. The first variant of the new plane, the [...]

F/A-18 on the chopping block

  The F/A-18 Hornet has been the sole multi-role fighter of the United States Navy since 2006, but as of recent months, it has come under the threat of retirement . With the Lockheed F-35 starting to come into service, the F/A-18 assembly [...]

ANA blasts off with style

  In a city, not so far away, the first of three Star Wars jets leaves the paint hangar to begin its long journey of transporting passengers across the galaxy.   All Nippon Airways, otherwise known as ANA, has partnered with the [...]

USMC says goodbye to Sea Knight

  Few aircraft have seen as much conflict as the venerable Sea Knight, but as of 1 Aug. 2015 the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has put the old bird to rest. The retirement of the CH-46 was a part of a cost-savings program to pave [...]

Internship Insanity

As the year came to a close many opportunities began open up including numerous internships. RAHS has a very extensive internship program which has offered a wider range of opportunities that many other high schools don’t have the fortune [...]

Summer air shows take off

The summer of 2015 is shaping up to be another amazing summer of airshows all over the Northwest and Puget Sound Region. The calendar is plotted with shows at many airports, from Paine Field to SeaTac, boasting aircraft of all types. Taking [...]

Airplane CPR

World War Two airplanes are expensive to restore and maintain, and even more costly to keep flight-worthy. The Flying Heritage Collection, a museum funded by Paul Allen, specializes in making vintage planes able to take to the sky once again. Restoring [...]

Museum unveils restored B-25J Mitchell to the public

On April 9th, the Flying Heritage Collection hosted the Meet the Mitchell Event, in which participants could climb into a restored B-25 Mitchell. Attendees were allowed in the tail section, the bomb bay, and the cockpit of the B-25. The Flying [...]

Cold War Test Aircraft Restored

The Museum of Flight revealed a newly restored XF8U-1 Crusader that was subjected to a 30-year restoration effort that is nearing its completion. The prototype for the aircraft that would be dubbed by the military and enthusiasts “The [...]

B-29 “Doc” is delivered again

The hangar doors open as a beautiful, sleek aircraft comes into view. Four metallic engines are revealed and the iconic glass of a the B-29 can be seen as another national treasure re-enters the world. In 1987, a man by the name of Tony [...]

Soaring Expo 2015 to be held at Museum of Flight

  The Soaring Expo 2015 will include insights and artifacts of the gliding community in the Northwest on Saturday, March 14. The gliding community in Washington is mainly represented by its larger organizations, such as Evergreen Soaring and [...]