With construction on the Museum of Flight’s Aviation Pavilion coming to a close, more parking spaces have opened up for RAHS students. The parking increase is long anticipated and many students are eager to park closer to school. Junior Melanie Warner expressed her disappointment with having to endure the walk from the Museum of Flight. “I was pretty frustrated because during the summer I was really excited to park on campus and that I don’t have to cross the street everyday,” said Warner. “So now I still have to park across the street and it’s been pretty frustrating.” RAHS junior Murphy Walker also expressed his unhappiness toward the downsized lot. “In the beginning of the year it was awful, but[…]

Stealing classified or sensitive information about military hardware is becoming a more common occurrence, but  hacking has rarely spread to international corporations. A year ago, Chinese national Su Bin orchestrated the theft and sale of secret information about Boeing’s C-17 Globemaster aircraft to China. On 24 March 2016, Su Bin was put on trial, and pleaded guilty. This incident has brought up many questions about the security of Boeing databases, and has some Boeing customers worried that potential competitors may now have critical information about aircraft that they have in their inventories. Thomas Cavaliere, an engineer in Boeing’s Testing & Evaluation division, acknowledges the impact that the stolen information may have on the company’s monetary gains and its competition. “Security[…]

  In the days of WWII, technology meant triumph. In 1944, the aircraft that would help end the war took flight: the Boeing B-29. On Wed. 6 April, the B-29 owned by the Museum Of Flight named T-Square 54 was finally uncovered for the last time inside the Aviation Pavilion. The aircraft has a long history that Dale Thompson, the Restoration Crew Chief of the MoF, put into perspective. “The plane was found in the desert and it was decided that it should be moved closer to Seattle,” said Thompson. “It was moved up in the late 90s’ when it was taken apart and trucked up to the area.” One of the first things people notice about the aircraft is[…]

Though the prospective Mars mission is at least 15 years away, NASA has trained a team of astronauts as candidates for the trip–half of whom are women. Astronauts Nicole Aunapu Mann, Anne McClain, Jessica Meir, and Christina Hammock Koch are 2016’s pivotal women in the space industry. “This will be the longest, farthest, and most ambitious space-­exploration mission in history,” said Dava Newman, Ph.D. and NASA’s deputy administrator. Only 57 of the 534 people who have gone to space are women, so the gender-balanced team has come as something of a surprise. Despite this achievement, the women are more focused on the potential significance of the mission. “What are people capable of? That idea of exploration has always been a[…]

  In a major milestone in commercial spaceflight On 21 Dec., SpaceX used their Falcon 9 heavy-lifter rocket to carry a payload to orbit and land its lower stage to be be used again. SpaceX has suffered a number of failed attempts to land a lower stage on a floating platform at sea, but this first success was on land. Harrison Jerome, a sophomore at Raisbeck Aviation High School, is a major space enthusiast, and has been following industry efforts to develop a reusable rocket like the Falcon 9. “It was the first landing of a reusable rocket. They took off out of Cape Canaveral,” said Jerome, “and their primary mission was to deploy 11 satellites into Low Earth Orbit,[…]

By Zak Sleeth Phoenix Flyer Reporter New laws regarding drones educate pilots and ensures the safety of the public airspace by requiring registration and establishing stricter flight boundaries around airports, public spaces, buildings, and adding a flight limit of 400 feet. Some students at RAHS have been directly impacted by these changes, including junior Vlad Nazarov, who is an experienced model aircraft enthusiasts and instructor. He feels that it’s a great step towards making the drone community more responsible and overall safer. “It is great addition for [adding] a level of responsibility,” said Nazarov. “Especially with so many new [drone] owners flying them wherever they want.” The main goal of the new changes was to make the public airspace safer[…]

Boeing was approved to build two new KC-46A tanker military aircraft, acting as a replacement for the 767-2Cs. King County International Airport, across the street from RAHS, is hosting the Boeing testing of a KC-46A tanker military aircraft. Rich White, Manager of Local Government Relations for Boeing, sent a letter to the residents near Boeing Fields to inform them about the coming noise disturbance from the testing. “The Boeing Company is still refining details on timing and scope of the test program for the KC-46A;” said White, “however, they believe testing of support aircraft will commence as soon as January.” This medium-sized tanker is a long-range, wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner. It has a two-crew glass cockpit and can hold up[…]

On a routine flight, an Alaska Airlines 737 made its way to Seattle, but rather than landing on the runway as usual, the jet landed on a taxiway! The plane, which was headed to Seattle from Chicago was cleared to land by Air Traffic Control (ATC) on 19 Dec, 2015 at 8:30a.m. However, it made an unconventional, but safe, landing, where it was put down by the crew on the taxiway known as Tango. However, this isn’t the first time an airliner has mistakenly done this. Perry Cooper, a Port Of Seattle representative, is knowledgeable about the history of other incidents. “This is the fourth time an aircraft has mistakenly landed on Taxiway Tango since it was built in 1999.[…]

From Wikimedia Commons.   The JSF’s recent introduction into service has brought much controversy, with many stating that it lacks the capabilities to replace its predecessors. But it is starting to make an appearance in the United States Marine Corps after several years late and billions over budget. Scott Beyer, a test pilot for the program, believes that this new aircraft will add an entirely new dimension of capability to the USMC. “This is a major step in aviation technology for the Marine Corps,” said Beyer. “The F-35 will be able to accomplish tasks that are currently impossible for the USMC to achieve.” Not everyone agrees with Beyer. Current F/A-18 pilot Ryan Vogel believes the F-35 to be a sinkhole[…]

The United States Air Force (USAF) has recently signed a contract to Northrop Grumman to design and build America’s next strategic bomber, the stealth LRS-B. A recent press release sent out by the USAF on 27 Oct. 2015 announced the new project. “The Air Force announced today the contract award of Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) and early production for the Long Range Strike Bomber to Northrop Grumman Corporation,” said the press release. The Secretary of the USAF, Deborah James, explained in the press release what the new project means for the country. “The LRS-B is critical to national defense and is a top priority for the Air Force,” said James. “We face a complex security environment. It’s imperative our[…]

Crescent Heights Inspirational Living has proposed a new building to be built on the West side of Fourth Avenue in downtown Seattle. The height of this skyscraper would make it the tallest on the West Coast. The height earned the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration, which is worried about the building’s intrusion on flight paths. The current plans of this proposal are being reviewed by the FAA to make sure that it will not harm the planes or the flight path. The skyscraper is planned to be 101 stories tall, making it 25 stories taller than the Columbia Center. Allison Partners manages relations for Crescent Heights, the real estate company supporting this new building in Seattle. Natalie Price is[…]