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NASA unveils first team of 50/50 astronauts

Though the prospective Mars mission is at least 15 years away, NASA has trained a team of astronauts as candidates for the trip–half of whom are women. Astronauts Nicole Aunapu Mann, Anne McClain, Jessica Meir, and Christina Hammock Koch [...]

SpaceX lands Falcon 9 lower stage

  In a major milestone in commercial spaceflight On 21 Dec., SpaceX used their Falcon 9 heavy-lifter rocket to carry a payload to orbit and land its lower stage to be be used again. SpaceX has suffered a number of failed attempts to land [...]

The sky IS the limit

By Zak Sleeth Phoenix Flyer Reporter New laws regarding drones educate pilots and ensures the safety of the public airspace by requiring registration and establishing stricter flight boundaries around airports, public spaces, buildings, and [...]

KC-46A tanker will transcend expected noise levels

Boeing was approved to build two new KC-46A tanker military aircraft, acting as a replacement for the 767-2Cs. King County International Airport, across the street from RAHS, is hosting the Boeing testing of a KC-46A tanker military aircraft. [...]

Hey, I’m taxiing here!

On a routine flight, an Alaska Airlines 737 made its way to Seattle, but rather than landing on the runway as usual, the jet landed on a taxiway! The plane, which was headed to Seattle from Chicago was cleared to land by Air Traffic Control [...]

F-35 flies into service

From Wikimedia Commons.   The JSF’s recent introduction into service has brought much controversy, with many stating that it lacks the capabilities to replace its predecessors. But it is starting to make an appearance in the United States [...]

New USAF stealth bomber ushers in the next generation

The United States Air Force (USAF) has recently signed a contract to Northrop Grumman to design and build America’s next strategic bomber, the stealth LRS-B. A recent press release sent out by the USAF on 27 Oct. 2015 announced the new [...]
Currently, the largest building in Seattle is Columbia Center, however, the proposed building would be the tallest in the West Coast. 
Photo by Jenny Mannard

FAA challenges new building headed for Seattle

Crescent Heights Inspirational Living has proposed a new building to be built on the West side of Fourth Avenue in downtown Seattle. The height of this skyscraper would make it the tallest on the West Coast. The height earned the attention [...]
737 Max; Renton Factory; 1st 737 Max on line; Aerial View from Tail; K66444-02

737 MAX readies for lift off

  The world’s most-produced single-aisle jet aircraft, the 737, is set to make remarkable technological advances. Boeing is at it again, with the latest model of the aircraft, the 737 MAX. The first variant of the new plane, the [...]
This F/A-18C Hornet, and the other aircraft of its series have served within the US Navy for over 40 years, but that is about to change. Photo courtesy of the US Navy.

F/A-18 on the chopping block

  The F/A-18 Hornet has been the sole multi-role fighter of the United States Navy since 2006, but as of recent months, it has come under the threat of retirement . With the Lockheed F-35 starting to come into service, the F/A-18 assembly [...]

ANA blasts off with style

  In a city, not so far away, the first of three Star Wars jets leaves the paint hangar to begin its long journey of transporting passengers across the galaxy.   All Nippon Airways, otherwise known as ANA, has partnered with the [...]
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