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Stop letting PLANE Jane’s into RAHS! vs Students interested in other fields RAHS the bar

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40-year-old Voyager Fires Up Again

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SAT team alters their goals and aspirations

The SAT team is a well known club at RAHS for being a way for students to get in touch with their aerospace passion. The members have many new plans for the 2017 school year they hope will uphold their reputation and improve it. CubeSat, a [...]

RAHS revives aviation theme

With RAHS’ focus on aviation and aerospace, administrators and teachers have a strong desire to incorporate more of an aviation and aerospace focus in the school’s activities and classes. RAHS Principal Therese Tipton and Vice Principal [...]

Women in Aviation opening up scholarships for women at RAHS

Every year, Women in Aviation International (WIAI) gives 103 scholarships to girls that have been in the club as of 1 Nov. 2017. These scholarships can have a collective worth of around $600,000. WIAI Board President Dr. Peggy Chabrian thinks [...]

ACE Club hard at work

For the past year, Raisbeck Aviation High School’s ACE club members have been dedicating their own time towards restoring a Boeing 727 sitting at Boeing Field. The plane previously belonged to the Museum of Flight but now belongs to the National [...]

Interns fly into new career paths

Students at RAHS ready themselves for future careers by gaining work experience through summer internships. RAHS senior Brynne Hunt started her summer with an internship at Blue Origin, working in a field she hopes to pursue. Blue Origin, a [...]

RAHS team returns from Florida victorious

The International Space Settlement Design Challenge (ISSDC) drew teams from all over the world to gather in Titusville, Florida. An RAHS team collaborated with foreign representatives, leading to their first place win in late July, 2017. The [...]

Flight by Design presentations blast off

On 1 June, four Flight by Design groups presented their projects to a room full of judges. The groups began work on their projects at the beginning of the year and dedicated themselves to their work for the entire year.   According to [...]

“Welcome Home” memorial estimated to join MoF in 2019

In the southwest corner of the school parking lot, there is a patch of grass that is owned by the Museum of Flight (MoF). Students have been curious about what the space would be used for, and answers were finally delivered when the MoF revealed [...]

737 MAX-9 expected to be best in family

The Boeing Company has recently released the newest of the 737 family, the 737 MAX-9. This new aircraft is the product of years of work to produce the best single-aisle aircraft on the market. The 737 MAX program, initially launched on August [...]