02242018 Headline:
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  • Aviation & Aerospace

    • ACE Club gives back to the community

      Recently, ACE Club participated with the organization Wreaths Across America in order to give back to the community and to demonstrate kindness. [...]
    • 2017 the safest year in aviation

      Due to advances in aviation technology and the emphasis on aviation safety, 2017 has been the safest year for flight, with fewer commercial and private [...]
  • Arts & Entertainment

    • Pirouetting into a new year

      While maintaining good grades, working as a hostess, and finding time to spend with friends and family, senior Veronica Soran also manages to keep [...]
    • Viaduct’s rise to stardom

      The scene: Guitarist and vocalist Zach Watson hammers away at the strings, voice straining and veins popping as he sings lyrics familiar only to [...]
  • Features

    • Proposed levy promises support for school programs

      The brand new proposed levy for Highline voters will be decided upon on 13 Feb. 2018. This new levy will be replacing one destined to expire at the [...]
    • RAHS student juggles 2 lives

      RAHS sophomore Chase Barton has served his community through his work as a juggler and as a Boy Scout through his love of nature. An activity Barton [...]
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  • Opinion & Editorial

    • Snark Attack

      Food. It’s more than important. It’s vital. Dealing with the stress of final projects, studying, and all of the other work that’s piled [...]
    • Ground Control Stress and Kazooooooo

      Dear Ground Control, I am struggling under the pressure of junior year so much that the few days where I get my homework done and I’m able to relax, [...]