05222018 Headline:
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  • Science & Technology

    • RAHS space projects are out of this world

      This year two RAHS projects will be sent into orbit. One of the projects is from the after school club Satellite Club (SAT Club). SAT Club has been [...]
    • Has the dissections unit been helpful?

      The thought of cutting open a dead animal is disgusting, but the learning behind this unit is critical for students. Though many students find the [...]
  • Opinion & Editorial

    • Email Etiquette Snark Attack

      Dear RAHS Students, Actually, no. Apparently we don’t need to have a heading for emails anymore because your email etiquette is trash. Which is [...]
    • Grand Cantral

      Dear Ground Control, Why the hell are underclassman wearing their middle school sports gear?   Sincerely, Shook Senior   Dear Shooketh, There’s [...]