06262017 Headline:
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  • Science & Technology

    • RAHS junior Jeff Spaeth makes the tough decision between saving money and a new smartphone.

      RAHS struggles to trust Samsung again

      Though the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 were hailed as some of the best handsets on the market last year, issues with incendiary batteries led to [...]
    • Students, like Alexandria Johnson pictured above, practice flying drones at the Museum of Flight, providing them skills to use later in life and extending their knowledge of drones.

      ASP awards free college credits

      In the summer of 2016, Puget Sound Skills Center (PSSC), Green River Community College, and the Museum of Flight collaborated to launch a 2-year [...]
  • Opinion & Editorial

    • Snark Attack

      Do you know what everyone loves to the bottom of their heart space? High school parking lots. Do you know what their favorite thing about high school [...]
    • Ground Control

      Dear Ground Control, Every time I park my car in the neat striped spot, people yell at me. I don’t understand why people are being so mean. What [...]
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