11252017 Headline:
  • News

    • ASB’s new approach making RAHS more fun and exiciting

      During the 2016-17 school year, the RAHS the Associated Student Body (ASB) has been trying to create a welcoming environment by encouraging student [...]
    • RAHS revises the dress code

      The new dress code announced by ASB during the first day of school assembly allows RAHS students to wear a more relaxed clothing style, such as wearing [...]
  • Aviation & Aerospace

    • Women in Aviation opening up scholarships for women at RAHS

      Every year, Women in Aviation International (WIAI) gives 103 scholarships to girls that have been in the club as of 1 Nov. 2017. These scholarships [...]
    • ACE Club hard at work

      For the past year, Raisbeck Aviation High School’s ACE club members have been dedicating their own time towards restoring a Boeing 727 sitting [...]
  • Arts & Entertainment

    • Student stars shine on stage

      From 9 Sept. to 24 Sept., RAHS students performed in the Hi-Liners Musical Theatre adaptation of The Little Mermaid at the Performing Arts Center [...]
    • Lion Dance emerges at RAHS

      Started by David Nguyen, Lion Dance Club is a new addition to the clubs at RAHS that takes place after school. This unique club offers credit opportunities [...]
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