02252017 Headline:
  • News

    • Weather balloon project takes off

        On Memorial Day weekend in 2017, RAHS Satellite Club plans to launch a weather balloon in Ritzville, Washington to test their software for [...]
    • Only brave students like Catie Stukel brave the epidemic and come to school.

      Flu epidemic worst in years

      Flu season is a dreaded time every year around the winter holidays, and it has come on particularly strong this year. Specifically, this season the [...]
  • Aviation & Aerospace

    • Bystanders watch the first take-off of a Boeing 787, which will be getting an update in the 787 series with the new Boeing 787-10 in production.

      The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly for Boeing

      In the past month, Boeing had its ups and downs economically. The company is looking forward to some new orders from prospective business partners, [...]
    • 3 of the 29 launches of Falcon 9 rockets constructed by SpaceX have failed, and with a hefty price tag of over $60 million per launch, the company is operating at a steep loss.

      SpaceXplosion rocks private space industry

      While Space-X was conducting an engine test-fire in early September, an explosion obliterated one of their Falcon 9 rockets on the launchpad. The [...]
  • Arts & Entertainment

    • Bow down to the almighty Samuel Satterlee. He's not too afraid of confrontation and will gladly include anyone in his videos that's interested.

      Satterlee incites mockumentary mayhem

      Ambitious actor and RAHS sophomore Samuel Satterlee has been working on a film mostly involving students in the school. He has been collaborating [...]
    • “Spirit” hits rock bottom

      Students at RAHS find the spirit rock, donated by the class of 2015, uninspiring and many never even see it.   “Personally, I feel that the [...]
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